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Conservation and Community.


The Blue Mounds Area Project is a community-based non-profit organization that seeks to inspire, inform, and empower private landowners in Southwestern WI to enjoy, protect, and restore native biodiversity and ecosystem health.

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Julie Raasch


1) Promote understanding, appreciation, and conservation of native woodlands, prairies, wetlands, and savannas and their special species in an economically viable manner through community outreach programs and private contacts.

2) Act as a clearing house for information from people and organizations involved in preserving native biodiversity including information about plant, animal, and habitat identification, management, restoration, seed sources, native plant nurseries, and invasive, nonnative species.

3) Encourage cooperative, volunteer restoration and management activities.

4) Identify public and private land use changes that may affect ecosystem health and promote community-based stewardship of the unique natural heritage of the Blue Mounds and the Southwestern region of Wisconsin.

Helping Landowners Restore the Land

The Blue Mounds Area Project has a big goal in mind: restore native plant diversity and health of land and water back to Southwestern Wisconsin. 

We envision large landscapes of prairie, oak savanna, and wetlands on these rolling hills. We envision families and communities working with the land, rather than against it. We envision a strong network of people learning from each other.


Because of this work, more than 240 landowners have improved more than 18,000 acres in the Blue Mounds Area. And 16 plant species and 5 bird species state listed as endangered, threatened or special concern are being protected, along with native prairies, wetlands and oak savannas.

YOU can be part of this conservation story. Learn more about a site visit, peruse our resources, and join as a member today!

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