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BMAP Newsletters

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Spring 2021


Contents include BMAP President's Message, articles summarizing our three 2021 Winter Conservation Conversations, announcing the 2021 Bur Oak Award winners John Barnes and Kel Mattice (Prairie Spirit Farm), a remembrance of a dedicated BMAP member and educator extraordinaire Lalay Ohlrogge, resources for and reflections on phenology, how to create a native habitat oasis in an urban homestead, summer property tour announcements, and an update on the BMAP membership calendar.

Photo by Linda Millunzi-Jones

Winter 2020


Contents include articles reviewing cover cropping as a prairie site preparation strategy, BMAP President's Message, Ecologist's Report on the effects of herbicide on soil life, and reflections on Landowner engagement and interests in conservation and stewardship by Cindy Becker (Director of Conservation Programs at the Driftless Area Land Conservancy).

Photo from Driftless Area Land Conservancy

Summer 2020


Contents include articles revisiting Aldo Leopold's writings, BMAP President's Message, Ecologist's Report on large and small conservation measures, Lowery Creek Watershed community conservation, and an enthusiastic "Thank you!" to Julie Raasch, BMAP's volunteer Newsletter Editor for her 15 years of service.

Photo from Driftless Area Land Conservancy

Spring 2020


Contents include articles on the 2020 Bur Oak Award recipients Doug Steege and Kris Euclide, the new strategic plan, allelopathy and Wisconsin plant communities, historical fire regimes of Wisconsin, Birds in the Driftless: History, Ecology, and Management, trail making workshop, Wisconsin Coverts Project, and Quercus Land Management.

Photo by Julie Raasch

Fall 2019


Contents include a tribute to longtime Board Member Carroll Schall, winter tree and shrub ID resources, winter restoration work reflections, summer 2019 potluck tour reports, and a book review of The Driftless Reader.

Photo by Julie Raasch

Summer 2019


Contents include articles on prescribed burns, our new board president, chainsaw training, Snapshot Wisconsin, funding opportunities, book review, and ants.

Photo by USFWS Midwest

Spring 2019


Contents include articles on insects and Wulfenia bullii, wood-betony and the art of preserving ecological communities, the Southwest Wisconsin Grasslands Network, SWGN, wetland talk with Pat Trochlell, mother and won win 2019 Bur Oak Award, prairie restoration, and preserving and enjoying Wisconsin’s savannas.

Photo by Peter Gorman

Fall 2018

Contents include articles on iNaturalist website and app, tour of Plowshares and Prairies Farm, good advice, and mushrooms of Northeastern US and Eastern Canada book.

Illustration by Julie Raasch

Summer 2018

Contents include articles on herbaria and herbarium specimens, Wisconsin Master Naturalist class, and it's not about individual species.

Photo by Mary Ann Feist

Spring 2018

Contents include articles on managing and restoring land with amphibians in mind, welcome to new ecologist Micah Kloppenberg, 2017 Annual Report, macroinvertebrates and water quality, conservation easements, Managed Forest Law, Wedel Family Legacy, and bobolinks

Photo by Colleen Prieto

Fall 2017

Contents include articles on lichens, rewards of restoration, nature is not neat, species interactions: spiders, and Cardinal-Hickory Creek opposition.

Photo by Richard Droker

Summer 2017

Contents include articles on the rule of 50% seed collecting, Muralt Bluff hike event, "I Needn't Have Worried", Great Lake Early Detection Network (GLEDN), and rotational grazing.
Photo by Douglas Mills