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Working in partnership to bring native habitats back to life.

We support a community of over 150 members who are passionate about bringing the landscapes of south-central Wisconsin back to their native, beautiful glory. Partnership, cooperation, learning and growing together are essential and fun aspects of this group.

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Julie Raasch


Richard Hurd

A benefit of BMAP membership is a site visit from the BMAP ecologist, but it isn’t just a visit. In our case it was several visits over many weeks, long discussions of how exciting our property is, and of course a property description and management report. The icing on the cake, however, was the Ecologist coming to eradicate a patch of wild parsnip with us to teach us how and to inspire us. We didn’t hesitate afterwards to order two Parship Predators from TPE and keep going. Amazing!

Jim Bennett & Janet Moredock -- Barneveld, Iowa County

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