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By providing landowners with knowledge and resources to act, we make restoration less intimidating. After all, conservation and stewardship should be accessible and enjoyable for all landowners!



Incredible landscapes, rich history

The area surrounding Blue Mounds, Wisconsin is full of intrigue, beauty, and history. Filled with small towns, rolling hills, and unusual wildlife like cerulean warblers and cream gentian, this area is bursting with character.

And it's being restored by people like you to its natural, native state. Landowners are combining their priorities of farming, grazing, and making a living with protecting species, ecosystems, and vistas. It's a wonderful combination!

You can join in this work! If you're a property owner, learn about what's involved with a BMAP site visit. Put an upcoming event or workshop on your calendar. Become a member of BMAP and join our community. Or, you can make a donation to ensure this work continues year after year, generation after generation.

Resources for restoration

BMAP Site Visits

Don't know where to start with your property? Hey, that's a great place to start!


Our site visit service provides landowners one-on-one time with an ecologist, walking their property to discuss the what, how, and why of restoring your beautiful land. The knowledge, encouragement, and resources you will gain from this 2-3 hour visit will put you in a great position for moving forward.

Lake Stewart co park in fall Marc Buehle

Marc Buehler

Learn more about your site

Find out what your land might have looked like 100 years ago. Identify native and invasive plants. Determine whether you have wet or dryland soils. Find sources for air and satellite photos of your property. Find people and businesses that can help.


The links below will walk you through some of the resources available on the web for learning about your land.

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