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BMAP's Annual Bur Oak Award for Excellence in Private Land Stewardship is awarded to a BMAP Member who has undertaken or recently completed a project that makes outstanding progress in protecting or restoring native biodiversity.


Celebrating the efforts of exemplary BMAP members

The bur oak tree, with its thick, corky bark survived the frequent fires of the oak savanna in precolonial times. The bur oak represents both the dominant native plant community of the region, and symbolizes persistence in the face of adversity.


This annual award recognizes BMAP landowners who have dedicated themselves to the restoration and stewardship of native habitat on private lands. Excellence in private land stewardship is shown by the degree of leadership and innovation in the project's approach, sensitivity to the local landscape, and enhancement of the habitat of threatened, endangered or special concern species or rare plant communities.

Bur Oak Awardees

Mike Samuel and Nancy

2022 Bur Oak Award

Mike and Nancy own and care for 66 acres in
the Town of Perry that they have been working on since 1999. On their property you can find oak woodlands, prairie, and a sedge meadow. They have established a conservation easement on 50 acres and are now working on an endowment for the maintenance of the property in perpetuity. BMAP is pleased to give this award to such good land stewards. Congratulations, Mike and Nancy, and thank you for your commitment to caring for the land!

Bur Oak Award 2022 Mike Samuel and Nancy Thomas
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