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The Blue Mounds Area Project is only possible because of our wonderful partnering landowners. These individuals embrace the hard work and high reward that comes with controlling invasive species, restoring prairies and woodlands, creating nesting habitat for birds, reptiles, mammals, and more.

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Amy Alstad

Member Spotlights

Members are at the core of all of this work. We work with over 150 members to steward and restore land in southwest Wisconsin. Meet some BMAP members that have done amazing work on their properties and join the community today!

Amy & Eric, Ridgeway

We planted the first patch of prairie on the property when Eric and I got married there in 2013,” Amy remembers. “We had the wedding at the farm and we gave everyone a packet of prairie seeds to toss instead of the traditional rice. We call that the 'wedding prairie.' It’s six years old now, and it makes my heart happy every time I look at it to think of the people who were there."

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Bob & Carolyn, Argyle

“Our story begins in the mid 60’s, when my father and I (Bob) hunted deer on various properties around Argyle. During that time, I developed relationships with both the area’s landowners and the grassland landscape. Those relationships made the decision to move from Kenosha to our 192-acre former dairy farm an easy one.”


Aimee & Steve, Mount Horeb

Aimee and Steve are long-time members who have been gracious hosts and regular attendees of BMAP’s summer potluck property tours. Their early forays into habitat restoration originated from their delight in wandering their oak woodland. “Our first work in the woodland was to install trails and control erosion,” Steve remembers. “We didn’t think of it as restoration at the time, but more as restoring soil stability.” 

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