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BMAP Work Parties

"Many hands make light work."

Join or Host a BMAP Work Party! Get hands-on experience in the work of habitat restoration.

BMAP Work Parties are an opportunity to contribute your time and energy to on-the-ground work of habitat restoration. Unite your efforts with a team of BMAP Members to complete a project on your own or on other BMAP Member properties. This is a great opportunity to learn about or to share your knowledge of the varied practices of land stewardship through hands-on experience.

There are two different ways to participate in our BMAP Work Parties: as a Host or as a Volunteer. Read through the Work Party details below to learn more on how you can get involved.

Thanks for subscribing! Hope to see you at an upcoming Work Party.

Work Party Details

  • Work Parties are organized, coordinated, and led by BMAP members on BMAP Member Properties.

  • All BMAP Members are invited to join or host a Work Party. 

  • Work is expected to be medium-intensity, suitable for most physical abilities, and will primarily fit into a few core stewardship categories:

    1. herbaceous control (e.g. garlic mustard pulling, parsnip control)

    2. native planting and seed collecting

    3. brush cutting and treating

  • You are recommended to bring your own hand tools, though a Work Party Host may have some available.

  • Power equipment and herbicide may be safely used, within limits, by the Host or Work Party volunteers with proper PPE and group spacing. However, no one is expected to use these tools. See our FAQs for more info.

To HOST a Work Party

Complete and submit the "Work Party Host" form or contact Tom Broman, Volunteer Work Party Coordinator (contact details below).

To JOIN a Work Party

1.  Check the calendar for upcoming Work Parties (bottom of page) and find one that fits with your schedule.

2.  Click on the "RSVP" link to see additional details: description of work, location, and Host contact information.

3.  RSVP by completing the registration form or by contacting the host directly.

​4.  Get it on your calendar! The Host may follow-up with you directly with a tool request, snack info, or a Work Party reminder.

5. On the day of the Work Party, the Host will have you sign in on our BMAP Work Party waiver. Then, to work!

Remember, you can check the event description in each Work Party for additional detail on what work will be accomplished, tools to bring along, and Host contact information. We've also created this handy BMAP Work Party: FAQs to help Volunteers and Hosts plan for a Work Party.

Have some general questions? Contact the Volunteer BMAP Work Party Coordinator:

Tom Broman -- email or (608) four three seven - 9140

2022 Work Party Schedule

No upcoming events at the moment