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Are you interested in ‘reading’ the landscapes of Southwestern WI? Would you like to improve your plant identification skills? Do you learn best in the field with new friends?

Then this Natural Communities of Southwestern WI class is for you! 


Organized by BMAP and directed by the Botanical Club of WI, this is a unique opportunity for BMAP members!

The Class

Organized and led by Botanical Club of Wisconsin's Kevin Doyle , this class series is designed to welcome people of all levels of botanical and ecological expertise. For each class, we’ll identify the broader characteristics that define a natural community before looking more closely at the plants commonly found in them.


We'll start with an overview of each community, its ecology and conservation, and its characteristic plants and how to identify them. Each class will conclude with a hands-on vegetation monitoring exercise intended to reinforce plant ID skills and introduce participants to monitoring techniques.


Classes begin at 9 am and formally end at 12 noon, though everyone is encouraged to stick around for a sociable bag lunch.

Registration and Schedule

To join the waitlist for the course

  1. Submit an RSVP with your information at this link:

  2. Instructions to pay the $50 class fee will be sent to those registrants on the final roster.


Natural Communities for 2024: Uplands of Southwestern WI

  1. 9am - 12pm on Saturday, April 27 – Southern Mesic at Abraham's Woods State Natural Area 

  2. 9am - 12pm on Saturday, June 15 – Dry Prairies at TPE's Mounds View Grassland​, Iowa County

  3. 9am - 12pm on Saturday, July  6 – Oak Savanna at Pleasant Valley Conservancy


Questions? Contact your BMAP Outreach Ecologist

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